Inspired by the incredible folks who shared their stories during #BlackBirdersWeek and beyond, I created this sticker because nature belongs to all of us. Inclusion is intentional and the birding community must work to create an environment that ensures safety, inclusion, and accessibility for all individuals. Let's say it together and make it so y'all - BIRDING IS FOR EVERYONE. 


This durable, waterproof, and UV protected sticker is 4" in diameter!


50% of proceeds from each sticker sold will be donated directly to the Black and Latinx Birders Scholarship. Via their website: “Launched in 2020 as a regional scholarship for Black Birders and Latinx Birders, the Black and Latinx Birders Scholarship is available nationwide. We are here to amplify the successes of Black Birders and Latinx Birders by raising funds for annual scholarships and creating networks of support.” Please visit to learn more and give your support.


Birding is for Everyone Circle Sticker | Rainbow